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Design Basics
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Discovery is the phase of the project that takes place before design. Discovery means different things to different agencies and is often misunderstood by clients. So what is it good for?

Behind the Scenes

After several months, hundreds of commits, and lots of new thinking, we’re happy to announce that a release candidate is now available for the Salesforce Suite in Drupal 8. It’s big news for adoption.

In the Community
Watch Aaron Bauman's presentation "Updating Your Modules to Drupal 8: Salesforce Suite," delivered at DrupalCamp NJ 2017!
Behind the Scenes

As we put some polish on our Drupal 8 install profile, we're already in a position of technical debt: we've already launched Drupal 8 sites using the Drupal "standard" profile. Unless we update those sites to use our new D8 profile, they'll miss out on the benefits of our continuous deployment stack. There are plenty of resources for switching Drupal 7 site profiles, but what's the analogous process in Drupal 8?

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Check out the latest article by the Sustainable Business Network's Bradford Bucknum on Message Agency, and how our values as a social enterprise manifest in our workplace culture.