Idealware Report on CRM Integrations

Marcus Iannozzi
Salesforce Integrations
CRM Integrations for Nonprofits report by Idealware cover

Idealware wants nonprofits to consider:  "How well do you really understand your organization’s relationships?"   

A good Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution lets you track and analyze relationships in meaningful ways. But if your broadcast email, fundraising software, volunteer databases, and all the other systems you use to interact with constituents aren’t sharing relevant data with your CRM, are you sure you have an accurate picture?

CRM Integration is the process of connecting those systems so they can pass data back and forth, giving your staff a more holistic view that can improve fundraising, outreach, program delivery, and reporting.  Message Agency knows first-hand how integrating websites built in Drupal and CRMs such as Salesforce can revolutionize how nonprofits track engagement, market to their stakeholders, and make better, more strategic decisions.  

You can download Idealware’s new publication, "CRM Integration for Nonprofits," to learn why you should integrate, what systems you should include, and how to plan for a smooth, successful integration project.  It’s free to download at

Message Agency is a proud supporter of Idealware and an advertiser in this helpful publication!


Download the Report


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