The Pandemic Pivot

Nonprofit digital strategy in times of change

As nonprofits adjust to a new normal, many have passed the phase of crisis management and now seek ways to effectively use digital tools to raise funds, hold virtual events, provide remote services, and maintain operations. 


Using our digital strategy practice as a foundation, Message Agency now offers a set of services to help nonprofits rethink, retool, and transform the ways they engage their stakeholders virtually.



Venn diagram with Brand on the left, Audience on the right, and content strategy in the overlap

Content Creation and Strategy

Do you need to understand how to communicate better with your audiences online?  How to create strong, accessible, and SEO-friendly text that leads to better conversions? 

  • Toolkits for Creating Content and Media
  • LiveStreaming Strategies
  • Cross-Platform Content Strategy
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Online Engagement

Do you need to learn how to engage your audiences in a virtual setting and have no idea where to start? 

  • Virtual event strategy and implementation
  • Digital engagement strategy
  • Email marketing and list building
  • Using SMS
  • E-Learning and training
  • Social media
  • Digital fundraising
illustration of a line graph with a magnifying glass showing a bar chart

Evaluation and Metrics

Are you trying to be more data-driven and make decisions based on analytics and research, rather than your impressions?

  • Digital Presence Audits
  • Website UX Audits
  • Selecting Digital Tools and Channels
  • Accessibility Audits
  • Google Tag Manager Implementation and Management
  • SEO/SEM and Google Ad Words
  • Dashboard Development / Data Analytics
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Right-Sized Services, Right Away

Nonprofits need help quickly to adjust their strategies and start delivering results.  We are changing how our services are delivered in these challenging times through:

  • A triage approach versus a long-term engagement
  • DIY templates and toolkits versus traditional consulting

Need help right now? Reach out!

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Nonprofit Resources

We've compiled a list of sites, articles, tips and hints, and advice on remaining sustainable and connected during the crisis.